Rattan Bags: 8 Fun Ones for Summer 2019

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Rattan bags are the quintessential summer staple. We’ve all seen our Instagram feeds flooded for a couple of years now with the Cult Gaia Ark bamboo clutch. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I like bucking the current trends, while still being fashionable. Since the rattan/bamboo/straw bags are always “in” for summer, I decided to go a different way. I’ve rounded up 8 of my favorite bags for summer, including one I already bought which will be my goto bag as soon as it stops raining every day.


As you can see from above, my round rattan bag hangs nicely and has a great snap closure so it doesn’t open on its own. The round bags are still in fashion and when combined with the summer trend you have a match made in fashion heaven.


1. Amazon – Obosoyo Straw Crossbody Bag | 2. Nordstrom – Brixton – Avalon Straw Top Handle Bag | 3. Anthropologie – Rattan Circle Bag |
4. Lord & Taylor – Straw Studios Vacation Vibes Woven Tote | 5. Nordstrom – Sole Society – Chade Stripe Woven Crossbody Bag | 6. amerii – Ata Bag (Medium) – Luna | 7. Mark And Graham – Rio Tote | 8. Gap – Woven Straw Crossbody Tote

Number 1 reminds me of women walking around in any Mediterranean country, hair blowing in the wind as they run along the beach. I have a great imagination. Ha ha ha! It does seem like it would be a great vacation bag. I like the top handles on it and since the top portion is open, it would be easy to get your sunnies out in one second.

Number 2, the straw top handle bag, is so ladylike. I love the white with the tortoise shell handle because it gives a professional look to the bag as well. I can see this bag being used to enhance your outfit as you go to and from work or for after work drinks.

Number 3 is a nice circle bag with an intricate design on the front of it. This would be cute to bring to a graduation or family barbecue. I love how it mimics the pattern of a wicker chair on the front of it. The strap looks rather long, but you can always tie it in a knot to shorten it.

Number 4 is quite possibly the most fun bag in this grouping. This is another that would be great for vacation, obvs. Of course, I would wear this daily as a reminder to myself to have vacation vibes every day. This is a great beach bag as well.

Number 5 is a cross body or clutch bag that would be gorgeous to take out on date night. Or party night, whichever you do. As the saying goes – you do you.

Number 6 is my bag! I love it. There’s lining inside the bag which is great because then your stuff won’t fall out when you open the bag. I also like that it has a snap on the top of the bag that keeps it from falling open. The strap is just the right length as well. The cool thing is that I ordered it and in just a few days it arrived! It came from Bali so I was quite surprised at how quickly it came to me. I wasn’t complaining though!

Number 7 combines my favorite things – stripes and a straw bag. The white stripes make the bag look rather striking while being a great hold all. It’s bigger than the other bags on this roundup which makes it a perfect beach bag. I can just see myself tucking a summer read in along with a thermos filled with lemonade. Or a spiked lemonade.

Number 8 is another structured straw bag, like number 1. However, this one can be carried as a cross body or by the handles. I love the woven pattern on this bag and it looks a bit sturdier than the others. This would be great to pair with a maxi dress and espadrilles for a night on the town in Nice or Mykonos. (A girl can dream, right?)

There you have my picks for fun rattan bags for summer 2019! What do you guys think? If you get any of these, let me know.


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 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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