Rituals (Not the Satanic Kind) – Foaming Shower Gel Sensation

I remember hearing somewhere about Rituals, the Dutch personal care products brand, started by a veteran of companies such as Unilever and Elizabeth Arden.  The other day I stumbled upon their shop in Soho and decided to go in and have a look.  From the scrubs, to the moisturizers, body sprays, oils, and makeup, they have a wide selection of products, wider even than I expected.  I asked the salesperson what is their top selling product (because of course that must be the best product, no?), and she recommended the Foaming Shower Gel Sensation products.

Rituals Shower Gel Foam - Hammam Delight and Zensation

These products dispense most uniquely.  Why?  Check it out after the jump.

The Foaming Shower Gel Sensation products are body washes that come out of the can as a gel, but turn to a foam when you start to rub them on the body.  Amazing!  My clerky friend gave a demonstration and explained that they are like a shaving cream in that way.  (For more on my my favorite, inexpensive shave cream, see my post here.)

The Foaming Shower Gels come in six different fragrances, with a seventh limited edition one.  I chose two:  Hammam Delight and Zensation.  Hamman Delight is described Fresh Eucalyptus and Rosemary, as whereas Zensation is Organic Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom.  I purchased the travel sizes for $6 to sample them on a trial basis.  Here is what the products look like:

Rituals Shower Gel Foam - Hammam Delight and Zensation
Rituals Shower Gel Foam – Hammam Delight and Zensation

Hammam Delight has a minty freshness to it that is great for a morning shower cleanser.  It has a great wake-me-up quality.  Zensation is a more calming, comforting fragrance that makes you want to cozy up after your shower with a cup of steaming, milky tea.  As you may have realized by now, cloying fragrances make me sick and overpowering ones give me a headache.  The fragrance in these is just right and lingers slightly on the skin afterwards in the most pleasing way.

I discovered while using these that they might just eliminate the need for a separate shower cleanser and foaming shave cream.  This product serves both purposes.  I love me a multi-purpose product.

See a demonstration of the gel to foam process here.

I love both fragrances and will be going back for full size cans when mine run out.  Clerky McSellsAlot further told me that because the product is not an aerosol and not a cream, it satisfies airport security even at more than 3 ounces.  Have not tested this assertion, but interesting if true.

The other product that caught my eye in the store is this warming scrub.  It says that it actually warms your body as it does its exfoliating work.  Gimme those multifunctional products, Ritual!

To multifunctionalism,


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