Seeking an Organized Life: The True Story of A Tube Squeezer

Does it bother you when you get to the end of a tube – whether it be toothpaste, bb creams, primers – and you can’t get out the last little bit of product?  Product that you can’t get out is product wasted, isn’t it?

Enter this handy little device:

toothpaste tube squeezer
The Container Store – Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

More info, after the jump.

This product is available at The Container Store for approx. $4.99. For the amount of expensive product it has saved me, it is well worth this inexpensive price tag.

What you do is insert the end of your tube into the cylindrical piece.  It needs to be tight or it might fall out later.  Then you insert the cylindrical piece into the stand and you start cranking to roll up the product.  The stand squeezes as you twist, moving all product to the top of the tube.

Here’s what it looks like with toothpaste:

Tube Squeezer with Toothpaste for Demonstration
Tube Squeezer with Toothpaste for Demonstration

Now, a word of caution.  If you aren’t careful, you can squeeze so much product up to the top that when you remove the lid, the contents will spill over.  Because the whole purpose of this product is to waste not (want not), this would be contrary to the spirit of the squeezer, so be careful.

This is a handy little device that I keep on my countertop near my toothbrush, basically storing my toothpaste in it when I’m at the end of the toothpaste tube.  I like the clear blue color (there are other colors), so I actually even like how it looks on my vanity.  When I buy a new toothpaste, I typically store the device in my medicine cabinet to avoid dust.

I have also used this on tinted moisturizers, bb creams, neosporin, and other liquid products.  My favorite use was to finish off the contents of my Perfekt Skin Perfector Gel (in the shade radiant).  This is an expensive product ($48 for 1 oz!) and I didn’t want to waste a drop of it.  The tube fit perfectly in the tube squeezer and gave me at least another couple of weeks’ worth of use.

To wasting and wanting not,


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