Shoe Clean-Out 2019: Getting My Marie Kondo On

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I have a lot of shoes… I’m sure every woman can say this, but I was having problems finding them in my closet. That’s how the great shoe clean-out of 2019 came about. I know it’s not spring cleaning, but who cares? A clean-out is good any time of the year, right? With the really hard decisions I did get a bit Marie Kondo-ey, and asked myself if the shoes gave me joy. Some did, some didn’t. I made a video where I talk through my feelings on all my shoes. I hope you guys enjoy it. Doing a little something different every time!

Settle in, grab a cup of coffee, tea, or even wine depending on what time you read this. It’s about 20 mins or so… then scroll down to see more choices for the holes in my shoe-drobe.

1. Rothy’s – The Flats – Black Solid | 2. Free People – Matisse Vegan Ranch Boot | 3. Red Dress Boutique – Getting Better Rose Gold Sneakers |
4. Asos Design – Wide Fit Vibrant pointed ballet flats | 5. Nordstrom – Jimmy Choo – Cruz Star Studded Boot | 6. Nordstrom Rack – Sorel – Tivoli III Waterproof Boot | 7. Macy’s – Naturalizer – Kelso High Shaft Boots |
8. H&M – Pointed Flats | 9. Zara – Low Heeled Leather Mules |
10. Asos Design – Wide Fit Adelaide leather western Chelsea boots in snake

Number 1

As you perhaps picked up from the video, I was missing a good pair of black flats. I decided on getting Rothy’s because I’ve heard great things about them. I like that they’re washable, made from plastic water bottles, and eco-friendly. Of course, the price tag is a bit of a deterrent, but if you think of the cost per wear, I’m pretty sure they’ll end up being worth the amount you pay.

Number 2

I do have a pair of red (sort of) cowboy boots but for some reason I think I need a pair in brown. These will do nicely! I like that they’re low enough, and have a little bit of a heel. They would be so cute with a flowy, boho inspired dress.

Number 3

Aren’t these so cute? They remind me of Golden Goose Sneakers, but for way less than them. While filming, I realized both of my Golden Goose dupes were pretty dead so I do need another pair. I like that these are a little different from all the other dupes I’ve seen since they have a nice glittery element.

Number 4

I realize I have a number of flats now, but I had to include these because they have a polka dot pattern! And, if you noticed, I don’t have any white flats. You never know when something like this will come in handy. These shoes would be adorable with just about everything!

Number 5

Hello splurge! If you didn’t know by now, I’m a big fan of stars on shoes, on shirts, on just about anything really. This is a big departure for Jimmy Choo in my opinion. I see they’re getting into the combat boot trend, and I like it!

Number 6

I know this isn’t a shoe per se, but it still fits into the group. If you hadn’t noticed, I don’t have a good winter boot. I’ve heard great things about Sorel boots, and I like that they’re waterproof. These would be great traipsing around New York during the winter. I also like that they’re from Nordstrom Rack. Who doesn’t love a good bargain, right?

Number 7

Another thing you didn’t see on the video was the loss of my favorite black boots. They were truly dead. I had worn off the sole of the shoe, so there was a hole in the heel. You know they were loved. It doesn’t make sense to resole them because they weren’t that expensive. I’ll just get a new pair of boots for the winter. These should do nicely.

Number 8

For the more budget conscious, here are a pair of flats that are much cheaper than the Rothy’s (Number 1). These look pretty cute and come in at a great price. I would go with the pointy toe flat because it elongates your foot. Just make sure to get them in a good size so your toes don’t pinch.

Number 9

I was looking for some Chanel cap toe dupes when I came across these mules. I like how they have the cap toe, and the color is similar to a Chanel shoe, but the mules make them a little bit different.

Number 10

Did you notice any snakeskin booties in my video? Nope! There aren’t any. That’s why I think I’m allowed to get these cute snakeskin booties. They do seem to be a little western-inspired, but I rather like that. These could be worn with a boho dress, like the boots (number 2), but I like the idea of wearing them with jeans or a cute jean skirt.

So there you have it. I hope you made it through the entire video. Wow, can I talk or what? I’m still working at getting better with these vids. I realize that my background is not good, so that’s one thing to improve upon. What do you guys think? Should I do more videos like this? Do you like the shoe choices that I made to fill up some of the holes I have in my shoe-drobe now? Have I inspired you to go through your own closet and do a clean out? Let me know in the comments!


  • Football in the background very interesting lol. Where are the tall boots from? Where are the snakeskin ones from?where are the mules from? Inquire minds want to kno.

    • Ha! Yep, I forgot and left it on for the first part. And I think they are linked. I will make sure. The snakeskin ones are from Asos! 🙂

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 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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