Spotlight on Boden: My Top 16 Picks

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Boden is a clothing company that is relatively a baby compared to its competitors.  Johnnie Boden started the company in 1991 at his kitchen table in west London.  Originally, it was only for men and his friends were the models, and he was getting “pity” orders.  Fast forward to now and the company has caught my eye and the eye of Nordstrom who started selling their women’s line in February of 2018.


I’m excited for us in the states to have access to this British label that the Duchess of Cambridge (aka Kate) and her mother have worn.  My love of all things British isn’t new – and this designer is much more affordable than say, Reiss.


1. The New Classic Cotton Button-Up Blouse | 2. Corinne Cardigan | 3. Floree Top |
4. Conwy Coat | 5. Hexham Jumpsuit | 6. Sasha Sweater | 7. Roseberry Heeled Boots |
8. Horton Ankle Boots | 9. Evie Heels | 10. Claudia Ponte Midi Dress | 11. Estella Jacquard Dress |
12. British Tweed Midi Skirt | 13. Libby Dress | 14. Amalie Dress | 15. Burley Coat |
16. Slim Stretch Cotton Velvet Pants

Get ready guys, I’m going to go into detail on why I chose these and it’s gonna be a bit long.  Grab a coffee or tea and snack of your choice, and let’s dive in!

I think button up tops (1) look so polished with slacks or jeans.  If you’re wearing jeans, tucking in the blouse, wearing a belt, and a blazer makes it look tres chic.  I chose this one because it has dogs on it.  As long time readers of this blog know – I’m rather obsessed with dogs.  For women who are a little more busty, I go up a size.  Who cares what the number is!  Being able to wear a classy button up (down) and not having a gape in the bust is a win for me!

I recently expounded on my top sweaters for fall, but I didn’t come across numbers 2 and 6.  The cardigan (2) reminds me of a Gucci one with the red piping.  Number 6 reminds me of the Sézanne one from my other post.  I am very into sweaters that show off the back.  There’s something pretty and subtly sexy about them and I like that they’re slightly different.

One can never have enough white shirts in their wardrobe because they’re a staple.  In addition to plain white t-shirts, I like to have blouses that are work appropriate as well as fun.  This one, number 3, is a perfect shirt for this.  It would look great with the velvet slacks (16) as well.

My sister and Aunt love coats.  I’m not fully on that train because I tend to run hotter than your normal human.  I would sweat for this coat (4).  The pink reminds me of Jackie O and the 1950s.  It also reminds me of something one of the blonds from a Hitchcock movie would wear.  The other coat (15) in this round-up is very much a statement piece.  The checkerboard is a definite nod to the 70s along with the fur by the collar.  I would pair this with a solid dress, possibly one from summer that has a floral pattern, so then once you open the coat, you have two different patterns, which is very much something you’d see in a magazine.  However, to make that work well, I’d find a floral dress in one of the same colors as the coat.  Jeans would also look cool – check out the page using the link above to see how that looks.

I can’t do a round-up lately and leave out a jumpsuit, so number 5 is my choice for it.  The color totally pops and I like the tuxedo like stripe down the side of the pants.  I like the black heels with it, like in the picture, but a pair of pink heels would look pretty cool.  I love the pink and red combo.

On to the shoes, numbers 7, 8, and 9.  According to The Zoe Report, animal print is THE trend for fall.  These bootie heels (7) will ease you into the trend.  The design of the shoe is different and that’s what drew me to it – the way the top part opens.  Number 8 has stars.  I love stars.  Imagine wearing an all black outfit and these on your feet.  They would make me so happy.  Number 9 are another one of my favorite things – stripes!  And they’re on sale.  These would add a pop of happiness to an all black ensemble.  I would love to see it with number 14.

The dresses; numbers 10, 11, 13, and 14.  As a gal of short stature and not a size zero, dresses are my best friends.  Depending on the cut and color they make me look taller and thinner.  Number 10 is probably not a dress that would look great on me unless I got it shortened.  The midi look of it tends to fit taller women better.  The color blocking is fresh and so colorful, however, if that’s too much color for you, they have plain ones.  11 could be good for work or going out afterwards.  The neckline is so becoming.  Number 13 and 14 both have sheer sleeves, but they’re different.  The green color of 13 isn’t what one would normally think of for a fall dress, but that’s what I like about it.  The green is a bright one, not muted and dark.  It would be a fun dress to wear to a holiday party since it is green.  The black dress, 14 has gorgeous detailing on the front of it.  It is a great choice for your new LBD (little black dress).

Number 12, the midi skirt, reminds me of the one Meghan Markle wore for her first outing as a royal to be in 2016.  I would pair it with heels or black boots like she did.  Basically, I chose this because it looks like the one she wore for less.

The last item is a pair of velvet pants, number 16.  These are a great staple for winter and would be fun to wear to a holiday party.  If you wanted to wear them out for a date or night on the town, a black bodysuit and stilettos would spice it up.

Thank goodness I was finally able to sit down and page through the Boden catalog, or I would have never seen all the cute fall offerings they have.  Have you heard of this company or are they totally new to you?  Let me know in the comments below… and if you like any of my choices!


  • I love the pink coat and the red dress with pockets. The shoes with stars are just the right size heel and very fun.

    • The star heels do seem to be the right height, don’t they? I think they’d be pretty cool with the pink coat, too! So many items that you can mix and match as well. 🙂

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 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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