Red Pants and Animal Print top

Spotlight on Color – Powerful Red

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Red is my favorite color, but I bet you wouldn’t know that because I rarely wear it. According to Color Wheel Pro, “Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love.” That’s a lot to deal with in one color, don’t you think? I see it as a powerful color. It proclaims to people I AM HERE! If you want to blend in, it’s a color not to wear, because it sure as heck doesn’t. In the past I’ve read it’s a great color to wear if you want to entice someone. I don’t know if the findings on this are true or not, but it’s super fun. Wear a slinky red dress out one of these nights and let me know what happens.

Red Pants and Animal Print top

These red pants are from Lafayette 148 courtesy of Rent The Runway. I’ve been trying it out for the past few months. I’ll have a complete review in a few weeks. (If you want to try it out, I have a code – just email me!) As you can see, this outfit is quite a loud one. With the animal print top it’s calling out for attention while also being work appropriate. Just throw a blazer over this and bam, you could be a lawyer.

Color spotlight red

1. Nordstrom – Halogen – Mock Neck Puff Shoulder Sweater | 2. Nordstrom – Ariat – Darlin Short Western Boot | 3. Express – Smocked Waist V-Neck Midi Dress | 4. Ann Taylor – Trench Pencil Skirt | 5. Nordstrom – Halogen – Square Neck Knit Top | 6. Amazon – ECHOINE – Women’s Summer Dress |
7. – Red Is My Power Color Tee | 8. Ann Taylor – The Cotton Crop Pant

As you can see from above there are a lot of different shades of red. The deepest is the red for the boots, and some look a bit burnt sienna, but are classified as red. All these shades work for me.

Red Puff Sleeve

Number 1

You all know how I’m a fan of puff sleeves lately, and this one fits that bill. It also gives a Parisian flair if you wear it with black jeans, Converse and a laissez faire attitude.

red boots

Number 2

If you want to ease into red slowly, I’d start with this boot. I like the cowboy style for spring. There’s something fun about it. They would be great for the festivals if you’re into that. I would pair them with jeans or skirts or even denim shorts.

Number 3

This is a great dress for anything. I would wear it to work with espadrilles in the spring/summer and boots with a blazer or sweater in the winter.

Number 4

I saw this in the window of the Ann Taylor by my work. It is great for business-y companies, but if you’re a creative type you can still get away with it looking less polished by adding a T-shirt to it. If you’re going for the business look, I’d suggest a blouse.

Number 5

Have you ever thought about how a neckline can make you look? I’ve always been a fan of the square neckline because it’s so flattering. It doesn’t create massive cleavage, and it doesn’t go down too far to make you feel uncomfortable either. It shows off your shoulders nicely, too, especially if yours happen to be narrow like mine.

Number 6

This is another good one for spring/summer. You can’t tell, but in the back it’s smocked so it will really be comfy. I love the pockets and the buttons down the front. It was a pretty big trend last year, but i think it’s a timeless look. This would be perfect for walking down the street in Greece with a fun summer hat.

Number 7

I love a good t-shirt and this one is fantastic. I love the saying, “Red is my power color.” Um, yes it is! I would wear this with anything, but it would look pretty cool with a long black skirt, with the shirt tied at the waist.

Number 8

These are such flattering pants. They look similar to the ones I’m wearing above, but for much less. I’m sure they will be great for spring/summer. I also like how they’re a bit cropped. For shorties like me they’ll hit my ankles at a great height.

Now you have my top 8 choices for inserting more red into your wardrobe. You can start with baby steps, even I don’t wear that much red. I would love to hear your opinions on color. Do you like red? Will you be putting it into rotation or is there another color you love even more?

 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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