Spotlight on Leith: One Of My Fave Nordies Designers

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Spotlight on Leith DressSpotlight on Leith from Nordstrom is a new thing we’re doing.  I take a brand that I like and constantly find myself buying clothes from, selecting 10 items from their line, and then explaining how I’d style them.  Today’s spotlight is on Leith, one of my favorite Nordie’s brands.  The last time I was in the store, I walked past a gal who was checking out the dresses with her friend.  As I passed them, I heard her say, “These dresses are the holy grail.”  Same girlfriend, same.

What’s a “holy grail?”  According to the Urban Dictionary, it is: Something that you love and its your favorite thing.  The dresses from Leith are definitely that.  I have two of their dresses and they’re in constant rotation weekly.  Now… on to the picks!


1. Side Tie Midi Skirt | 2. High Waist Body-Con Skirt | 3. Ruched Body-Con Tank Dress | 4. Macee Bootie | 5. Back Twist Top | 6. Crewneck Crop Top | 7. Flutter Sleeve Top |
8. Metal Detail Faux Leather Satchel | 9. Midi Coat | 10. Paperbag Waist Crop Pants

Starting with the two skirts (1 & 2), it’s clear I have a love of body-con type skirts and dresses.  It’s interesting that when you’re a little heavier, you think, I should wear baggy clothing and cover up the parts of my body I don’t like.  Then no one will know anything.  Wrong!  I used to think that way, too.  I never believed my mom when she would tell me differently.  It’s only in the past year or so I’ve started to really embrace my curves.  These body-con type of skirts highlight the hour-glass figure I have, as you can see below.   Spotlight-on-body-conThe main reason I decided to spotlight Leith today is because of their body-con dresses.  I was quite pleased to see their other offerings, including shoes and handbags.  I wasn’t aware they also ventured into those categories.

Number 3 is what the gal was referring to as the “holy grail” of dresses.  The price point definitely can’t be beat ($56!), they’re washable, and I hang them to dry.  They also come in 11 colors.  You could get one for each day of the week if you were so inclined.  I have one of these babies in grey.  They also have this dress (below), but I decided not to highlight it because I think number 3 is slightly superior and I did a whole post on the other one.

Spotlight - Leith - body con dress

Ok, guys, I’m rather into the idea of white heel booties for fall.  My sister is against them, but my eye keeps going back to them, especially this one by Leith (4).  It has a good retro feel without being too retro.  I love the idea of pairing it with one of the dresses or skirts for an unexpected pop of color.  I also like that the heel doesn’t seem to be *that* high.  I love heels, but geesh, walking in them is murder on my feet!

The back of the shirt (5) is so sexy!  I would wear this with jeans or a skirt that has a color.  I also like the idea of pairing it with the hot pink Leith dress (3).  That way you don’t have to worry about wearing a cami or bandeau to hide your bra.  A pop of hot pink peeks out and surprises everyone who sees you from behind.  I love the unexpected detail like that.

I’m sure everyone cringed at the idea of a crop top on the picks.  Hear me out – I used to feel the same way until I realized you don’t have to make it a crop.  If you get the shirt in a slightly bigger size, it’s not going to be crop on you.  That’s what I would do with number 6 because I love the ruse color.  It’s very fall.  Another great thing to do is wear it with the high-rise skirt (2) or the paper bag pants (10) without having to worry about tucking in tons of material.  Sometimes when you have to tuck in gobs of material your butt tends to look like you’re wearing a diaper.  Huge thanks to my sister for pointing that out in one of my photo shoots.  Needless to say, I didn’t post that pic!

As women, sometimes we’re not comfortable with our arms.  I get it, peeps.  I can lift 15 lb weights at boot camp, and I still don’t think they look as good as they should.  That’s why I love when a brand comes out with a flutter sleeve.  It’s pretty, feminine, and hides what we’d like it to hide.  The best part of all is how great it looks on us.  Again, I’d pair this with either skirt.  It would be perfect for number 1 because it’s not a crop top, but doesn’t have a ton of material, so you can tuck it in and show off the cool buckle detail on the skirt.

On to the bag.  My friend asked me the other day how many bags were too many?  I told her there’s no such thing as too many bags.  Case in point, number 8.  I like the buckle detail on this, and the ladylike quality of it.  It reminds me of a Kate Spade bag, without the hefty price tag.

One of my favorite things about fall is that brief time where you can wear a lightweight coat.  This one is a keeper.  The blue-ish cast, almost ice-blue, is reminiscent of Tippi Hedren in the Birds.  (Side note, if you’ve never seen it, watch it, but then you’ll totally be freaked out by birds gathering.)  I would wear this with anything.  How cool would it be with jeans and the white booties (4)?

Finally, we arrive at the last item in the spotlight today.  The paperbag waist crop pants (10).  I included these even though I’m still on the fence about the entire paperbag waist trend.  I’ve seen it look ah-mazing on tall women.  I’m not 100% sure it’ll look so fab on a short gal like myself.  The fact that they’re crop pants is why I included them.  I think that’s one way for the trend to work on a short woman.  That way the pant hits at the ankle, instead of dragging too low.  The trick of the pant is to pair it with a tight shirt on top, either a crop, or a bodysuit, then with heels on the bottom, so the attention is on the waist.  I would also throw a great blazer or just the blue coat (9) on top.

I wonder if any of you guys will be shopping Leith now.  Let me know in the comments below.  They’re definitely one of my faves.  Stay tuned for other “spotlight’s” coming in the future.  Or if you want me to highlight one of your favorite brands, let me know!



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 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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