Spring in New York

It could almost be a cliche, but who cares? Springtime in NY is finally here and it’s wonderful. I have been out and about in the past few weeks and have a slew of pics for you all. I love this city and the beauty that you can find in unexpected places. Or expected. I hit Washington Square Park and Central Park and my allergies did not go crazy! Unlike most everyone else living here. I think my allergy drops are doing the trick! My doctor really knew what he was talking about when he said I’d be happier choosing those over the traditional allergy shots. I have never had such a great allergy season!


The Arch in Washington Square
Different view of the Arch
More flowers!
Cherry Blossom Tree?
Thought this was cool, the kid is popping the bubble
Motorized sailboats on the pond in Central Park
Random Flowers
More flowers!

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