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We have been looking for stylish commuting shoes to wear from home to the office for spring.  Our boots that we wore all winter are in the process of being packed away and we’re in the market for replacement commuting shoes.  Surely one of the thousands of fashion bloggers out there has done a post on fashionable shoes to wear while commuting, right?  Wrong.  We could not find anything.  We were really looking for some inspiration, too.  So we figured we would write a post ourselves.  

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1.Jack Rogers Adeline Sandal – Jack Rogers really has me hooked right now, as you’ll see with a few other shoe options on this page.  These navy and gold sandals will be great as the weather warms up.  Although sandals are against the dress code where we work, the dress code does not apply to commuting.  I like to think I can get away with my crocs, havianas, and reefs, but they just aren’t as work appropriate as I like to think they are.  There’s always that moment when I’m walking from the door of my office building through the lobby to the elevators, and I run in to someone important while wearing the most comfortable but the most ridiculous pair of commuting shoes.  Every time this happens (and it happens a lot, ahem) I swear I will find a good pair of stylish commuting shoes.  These Adeline sandals will not make you cringe if you see someone important in the elevator while still technically “commuting.”  I think the gold trim and addition of a sleek bow, with a slight raised heel makes makes these classier.  I also think navy helps make them more work appropriate, but these come in a few other colors, including a white and gold that would be perfect for pairing with white maxi dresses come summer.  At least if you’re wearing a pair of flip flops, they can be a polished pair that you won’t be embarrassed to be seen in.

2.  Sam Edelman Ruby Flat.  These are even more appropriate for commuting to a corporate office because of the closed toe.  (Also helps hide icky feet, or a need for a pedicure or polish removal.)  We like that these have a dainty keyhole that enhances the charming Parisian appeal of these flats.  They are modern, pointy-toe ballet flats in pink suede.  Need we say more?  The only thing we’re not too sure about is whether these really will be comfortable to walk in.  The pointy toe doesn’t look like it will pinch thee toes, but for us they would need a try-on sash.  Luckily if you’re ordering online Nordstrom’s return policy is excellent.

3.  Jack Rogers Maya Bootie.  We wanted to throw in something with a heel for those of you who (a) commute in pants and (b) do not want your pants to drag on the ground.  Every pair of Jack Rogers shoes we’ve ever owned have been comfortable to walk around in, and we have no reason to think these would be any different.  The stacked heels means you’re not likely to twist an angle, and we love the angular cut v.  If you check out the picture of the model on the website, it is cut at a very flattering angle.  Plus pinholes for, ahem, airing out . . . and a peep toe to let your toes breathe.  We have seen quite a few peep toe aerated booties, including these that we bought last summer, but we like that these are lower cut.  We think the dove gray is most versatile and looks dressier for work, but they also come in black and “cognac” (brown).

4.  Sallie Rain Boot.  Not every commuting day is a sunshiny day.  In NYC and Chicago there is a good chance of rain.  We would love a pair of Hunter rain boots but (a) they are expensive, and (b) the calf sizing is tricky.  Historically I have not loved spending my hard-earned pennies on a pair of workhorse rainboots.  I did buy a pair of short hunter boots once with a wedge so my pants wouldn’t drag on the ground, but they were super uncomfortable and I just donated them to Goodwill.  I also had a pair of bright yellow rain boots from J.Crew years ago, which I loved because they had a hot pink fleur-de-lis on them.  (One of my bosses complimented them, which pleased me greatly until she said she’d like a pair so she could be sure to be seen from a mile away while she tromped through the muddy swamp near her house for exercise.  I don’t think it was a compliment.)  My most recent rain boot purchase was a pair at Kohl’s because, again, I don’t like spend a lot on rain boots.  These were the worst of all because they were super cheap, the rubber came apart and started leaking, and the insole became detached and kept crumbling in my boot.

These Sallie Rain Boots look like they check all the boxes.  They are short, so no calf issues.   They do not have a wedge – which cuts both ways, may have to wear only with skirts, but also won’t squeeze the arch.  Again, we’ve known Jack Rogers to be excellent quality so we don’t anticipate the insole would rip out.  Best of all, they have scallop trim!!!  We are debating between the blush pink (of course) and the navy, for the aforementioned reasons.  Perhaps we’ll forgo the yellow this time.

5.  Ellen DeGeneres Langston Ballet Flat.  For commuting with some character, we think these Ellen DeGeneres ballet flats would be fun.  We love a stripe, particularly in the spring (but really any time of year), and they say “Love” in cursive across the front. We think if Ellen made them, they have to be comfortable.  This would be a great way to look intentional with respect to the stylish commuting shoes you choose to sport. These would look great with a black and white ensemble, as well as with pinks, reds, and florals.  It just might not work with a brown or navy outfit of the day.

6.  Sam Edelman Felicia.  The last shoe we’ve been eyeing is the Sam Edelman Felicia Flat.  We’ve had Sam Edelman shoes before and find them to be quite comfortable.  If the Ruby flats mentioned above are too pointy for you, we wanted to provide a round toe option.  We like that these are a great neutral, and also that they are breathable while evoking that Chanel ballet flat appeal.  (Chanel ballet flats would be another option of course, but more than we choose to spend on commuting shoes.)  They have the chic bow and also a small charm at the front.  These come in a ton of colors.  We like that they aren’t completely flat and there is a little heel.  This helps because (1) we’re short, and need every millimeter we can get, and (2) it helps make them look a little more polished for commuting to work.

This is the start to our Stylish Commuting investigation, but something tells us it is far from over.  Let us know what shoes you commute to work in, and your thoughts on the options above.

 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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