Summer comfies

Summer Comfies Perfect For Working From Home

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Summer comfies are here just in time for the start of summer. I did a post back when all this Coronavirus stuff started, but now that we’ve been in it a while now and it’s getting hotter, we need to change up our comfy clothes again. Even if you’re inside with the AC going, you still want to be comfy and cool, so I’ve picked 10 items that will help with that.

Summer comfies

Right now, I don’t feel like dressing all cute because I’m just at home by myself. I’m sure all my work from home friends can relate. I just want to be comfy. I don’t know how all these fashion bloggers who stay home all the time get the impetus to put on a cute dress and do a full face of makeup. I sure ain’t been doing that. Tee hee.

Comfies - 10 choices

1. Amazon – MISFAY – Women’s Summer Spaghetti Strap Casual Swing Tank Beach Cover Up Dress with Pockets | 2. Old Navy – Printed Tie-Hem Resort Shirt for Women | 3. Billabong – Wild Pursuit Short Overall | 4. H&M – Loose-knit Cardigan | 5. Amazon – Essentials Women’s 5″ Drawstring Linen Short | 6. Walmart – Scoop – Women’s Cropped Wide Leg Smocked Waist Pants | 7. Amazon – ChinFun Women’s Bermuda Shorts | 8. Nordstrom – Madewell – Whisper Cotton V-Neck Tank | 9. River Island – Navy short puff eyelet tie sleeve T-shirt | 10. Athleta – Farallon Bermuda

Number 1

I know I said about that I’m not about wearing a dress right now, but I’m sure there are some of you out there who wouldn’t mind wearing a dress, so that’s why I’ve included the dress from Amazon. This one looks like it would be great for a summer comfies look, and it has pockets. Need I say more?

Summer comfies - pattern shirt

Number 2

This one is a big departure for me, but what better time to try a summer print than now? I like the pattern, the color, and even the tie at the bottom. Since it’s from Old Navy, you know the price is good, too.

Number 3

The worst part about wearing a jumpsuit sort of thing is going to the bathroom. You have to take the whole thing off, so you’re there in just your top – or bra if you’re wearing a full on jumpsuit. This is the perfect time to get into one of these comfy overall short set because it does not matter if you go to the bathroom – you’re home! I like the way this looks very soft.

Number 4

This one is for all my chilly gals out there. I know the AC can be going full blast and freezing you, but you don’t want to turn it down because you’ll get too hot. This is a lightweight sweater that will help combat that. It’s also great to take with you if you happen to go in anywhere cold, like the grocery store. A.K.A the only place I’ve been in the past 3 months.

Number 5

Shorts! The best thing to wear. These are 5 inches long – I tend to like that length rather than the 3 inch ones. Those tend to go up my crotch more than I’d like. I also love this red color and that they’re linen. When you go out for your daily walk, these will keep you cool.

summer comfies - printed crop pants

Number 6

Maybe being inside all the time has started to mess with my brain, but I like these pants. They’re from Walmart of all places. The pattern makes me so happy. If I can’t get to the beach to see palm trees, I’ll bring them to me.

Number 7

I had a longtime reader ask where she could find some bermuda shorts because she feels more comfortable in them. Well, dear reader, look no further. This pair is from Amazon, and are billed as being breathable. Just what summer calls for.

Number 8

A white tank top is a must to include in a summer comfies roundup. I tend to get a new white tank every summer. First off, the newer they are, the crisper white they are. Washing in an apartment building tends to make them look dingy over time.

Number 9

A Tshirt that looks professional? Sign me up. This would be great for a zoom call when you want to look pulled together, but you also want to be comfy. The puff sleeves are a cute touch, especially with the tie sleeves.

Number 10

Last up are these bermuda shorts from Athleta. I do love Athleta, so even though these are more expensive than the Amazon ones (number 7), they’ll last a while.

Are you ready for summer? Do you think these items will help you stay comfy and cool this summer? Can you believe we’re still dealing with this Corona stuff? I can’t. Make sure you wear your masks when you go out!


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 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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