Summer Perfect High And Low End Bags

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MiniJohnny - Summer Bag

Summer calls for a bag change.  Out with the clunky, black, and quilted, in with the white, raffia, and light.  Since my sister just bought a new Danse Lente Mini Johnny, I thought about what other bags would be great for the summer.  The ones I’ve chosen run the gamut in price, so there’s something for everyone.  Let’s dive in, shall we?


1. Danse Lente – Mini Johnny White Blush | 2. Target – Women’s Bamboo clutch – A New Day™ Natural | 3. Amazon – Hoxis Retro Straw Portable Small Box Woven Cross Body Bag |
4. F21 – Faux Leather Bucket Bag | 5. Zara – Round Raffia Cross Body Bag

The Mini Johnny is a new addition to my sister’s wardrobe and as you can see above and below, it’s adorable!


The smaller strap is a blush tone that goes so well with the white of the bag.  There’s another clasp inside the bag to keep it together, you can see that poking up in white in the middle of the bag.  Genius, because I was wondering how to keep people’s hands out of the purse!  Trust them to come up with a great idea for that.  This is a great pick for summer because it’s white and as we all know white is synonymous with summer.  This is a higher end price point, but it’s one that will continue to be cool for years to come.  You can pack it away each fall and as soon as you break it out in June, you’ll be ready for summer.

The bamboo clutch from Target is a great dupe for the Cult Gaia bags that are everywhere and have been since last year.  Sure, it’s not in the same shape as an Ark bag, but the design is very similar.  It’s a great way to get a similar piece for way less than the original.  It also gives you a bit of an edge since it’s not exactly the same as the Ark bag – you’ll seem even cooler.

Nothing screams summer to me more than a straw or raffia bag.  I don’t know why I’m constantly surprised lately at the finds on Amazon, but I continue to be.  The pink raffia one (5) is a fun pick.  It’s not going to break the bank either.  Wearing this with a LWD (little white dress) and pink sandals would add a great pop of color to a breezy outfit.

Another white bag pick is from Forever 21.  I like the idea of a bucket bag in summer.  It’s perfect to swing around as you pretend to be a kid again, eating that dripping ice cream cone.  I also like that it looks like it could fit a camera inside with no problems.  I also like the low price.  Of course, that means it’ll probably be good for the one season, but sometimes that’s ok.

As I’ve already stated my love of the raffia bags, number 5 will come as no surprise.  This one is from Zara and reminds me of a small picnic basket.  Since I’ve always wanted to go on a real picnic with a straw basket, this bag speaks to me.  I also saw a gal at my nail salon wearing it and it was so summery and fresh looking.  I like that the bag closes fully and is lined inside.  That way there’s no way for things to fall out.  That’s my biggest fear for the Target bag (2) and the Cult Gaia bags.  Can you carry anything in them really?  I’ve seen that one can use the dust bag as a liner in the Cult Gaia ones… but do I really want to pay all that money to do that?  That’s why I like the Zara bag – I don’t have to worry about that problem.

If you’re a woman who loves changing her handbags with the seasons, let me know if any of these are ones you would buy.  I’d love to hear your opinions!  Leave a comment below.

 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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