Taking My Dress from Day to Night

Anyone else ever faced with the problem of having a date after work and not knowing what to wear?  If you’ve read for a while, you know I work at a pretty chill digital company where there is no dress code.  That’s both a good and bad thing when you have a date after work.  I’ll get the teasing comments from my co-workers because it seems like people get very excited around the possibility of love for a singleton like me.  In order to sidestep these comments, I now take precautions with my work style.

The idea of a sweater over a dress is nothing new, but it’s a good way to keep the well-meaning, yet somehow annoying, friends from asking me questions I’m not yet ready to answer.  I’d rather dish AFTER the date.  Way more entertaining that way.

To style the dress in order to make it work appropriate, I threw a sweater over it to cover the lovely glimpse of decolletage.  Might just be me, but I don’t want my work peeps to ogle.  Strangers yes, people I see every day, no.  Is that odd?  I can’t be the only one who feels this way.

Would you believe this is from Dress Barn?  My mom and I decided to go in and browse about.  I wasn’t planning on actually finding anything.  I mean, it was Dress Barn.  That’s always seemed like cheap clothes that weren’t cool at all.  I was totally surprised when I found this dress.  I liked the style so much I bought a similar one.  I also wore the other dress a few weeks ago and posted the work appropriate look on the Insta.  They’re both “scuba” dresses.  I’ve heard of these for a while, but I never wanted to try one because I thought the fabric would be unforgiving.

Boy, was I ever wrong!  The fabric is very forgiving and comfortable.  I suppose I would know how nice the fabric was if I had tried scuba diving, but I haven’t.  Note to self: put that one on bucket list.  I recommend a good scuba dress for everyone!  And right now Dress Barn has some good ones.  I also recommend Dress Barn in general.  Ashley Graham has a line there for regular and plus sized women and it’s tres cute.

What do you all think?  You like the dress?  Would you wear it to work with a sweater or would you rock it as is?  I’d love to hear your opinion!

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