Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Holidays are coming… fa la la la!  Personally, I feel it’s a tad too early to start posting pictures of my Christmas tree.  Don’t worry, it’s not up… yet!  HA!  I’ll probably put it up next weekend. However, it’s not too early to decide what you’re going to wear for the big eatin’ holiday. The one, the only, Thanksgiving!


Let’s be honest, shall we?  Thanksgiving is THE eating holiday.  Did you know that more people in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving than Christmas?  I think we all know why! There’s nothing better than turkey, mashed taters, pumpkin pie and crescent rolls hot from the oven.  The question that most of us are asking before we leave for our holiday smorgasbord is; how do I look cute while still being able to enjoy the food set before me?

Look no further, dolls!  We’ve got some great ideas for you all.  We start with the pants.  Stretch is our friend.  You want stretch and fashion?  Here are some of our picks, including a fantastic faux leather pair.

Next up is the top.  I’d prefer a billowy type of top, so you can indulge and not feel like you have to T.T.I. all the time.  What’s that you say?  It means, Tuck Tummy In.  We are women, we all do it.  These tops ensure that you won’t have to worry about that or your second helping of stuffing.  We all are going to run a Turkey Trot 5K in the morning right?  (I won’t tell!)  There are a variety of tops below along at a variety of price points.

The great thing about these tops is that you don’t have to only pair them with the pants. If you’re feeling like you need to kick it up a notch, here are a few skirts.  Now, if you want to forget about coordinating in general, there are also dresses in below.  A skirt or dress is perfect if extended family is coming to visit and you want to look pretty but still have the mobility to move quickly to make sure the crescent rolls aren’t burning!

Lastly, my favorite part of all, shoes.  That is, if you need to put them on!  It’s always nice to be comfy but say this is your first holiday with your significant other and are meeting the parents, you want to look fab!  In the group below I’ve included the gamut from awesome kicks at various price points to heels, which always make one’s posture perfect.  His mom will love you, or her mom will.  Whatever you’re into.  Just remember to bring something for them. That’s polite and gives you major points.


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