The Bowery Electric


VIBE:                       Laid back, rocker, almost an upscale dive bar, on the weekends it’s a younger crowd (NYU students).
DRESS CODE:        Downtown cool, black moto jackets and converse.
ADDRESS:              327 Bowery, New York, NY 10003
ENTERTAINMENT: Every night of the week there is something different.  My favorite singer/songwriter, Jesse Malin, plays there, as well as up and coming indie rock bands.
BEST DRINKS:        I tend to stick to my usual, Bud Light, but it has everything you can think of including wine.
ATPT SCORE:        4 out of 5 trees for being ignored at the bar.  I get that it’s hard to get to everyone, but don’t look directly at me and then go to someone else.
Above The Plum Tree Above The Plum TreeAbove The Plum TreeAbove The Plum Tree

RECENT PERFORMANCE:  On Saturday night, I had the pleasure of attending the last performance in NYC from Richard Lloyd, from the old punk band, Television.  He is moving to Nashville because it’s darn expensive to live in NYC!  I completely agree with him, but Nashville?  I thought that was country music, but turns out there’s a little group of punk rockers down there now.

Opening for Richard were Diane Gentile and Steve Conte.  I love seeing a woman rock out and command the stage, which she certainly did. She has a smoky, gravely type of voice, similar to Lucinda Williams.  I would classify Diane as a singer/songwriter without the whiny lyrics.  My favorite part of her performance was that her band was made up of all men.  About time for that!  I would definitely see her again.

After Diane, it was Steve Conte’s turn.  He whipped up the crowd with his heavy rock beats.  It was just him, a drummer and a bass player who was also his brother, but on hearing them, it sounded like there were a lot more people on that stage.  He gave 110% as he played what I deemed his hits, judging by the response he received from the crowd.  He even covered a Bowie song, Rebel Rebel, one of my personal faves.

Finally Richard Lloyd came on stage and played for about an hour.  I felt quite lucky to see him play before he moves from NYC.  I can’t say I recognized any of the tunes, but I’m not a hardcore fan of his.  Others in the crowd seemed to know some of them.  He might have been playing songs off a new album.  He specifically asked people before he sang a song to stop video’ing him because the song he was about to sing had never been recorded before.  That was pretty special and I was surprised that people obeyed his wishes.

It was a fantastically fun night and I’d go back in a heartbeat!

The Bowery Electric Stage
The Bowery Electric Stage
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