My Top 3 Picks For Fall Transitional Coats

It’s finally become cool enough to wear a coat here in New York and I couldn’t be happier.  Usually it goes from hot to freezing – and I go from wearing tank tops to sweaters and my puffy coat with nothing in between.  In honor of this glorious fall, here are my three picks for coats I’d wear before it gets too cold.



1. Amuse Society – Monroe Wool Blend Coat | 2. Lorna Jane – Top Up Hooded Jacket |
3. Asos – Textured Throw on Coat

Amuse Society – Monroe Wool Blend Coat:

This is the most expensive of the three but my favorite.  It’s a nice color-blocked option and it’s a nice wool blend.  I am reminded of the gals from Somewhere, Lately.  I’d throw on some knee high boots over my jeans, and a cute beanie cap.  It’s very odd – I can be a perfect temperature on my entire body – except my ears.  That’s why I love a good beanie – keeps my ears warm AND is cute.

Lorna Jane – Top Up Hooded Jacket:

I’ve recently been wearing a coat that my sister gave me the last time I saw her that’s from Athleta.  Unfortunately, it’s no longer available, but this coat is similar.  Athletic companies have got it going on.  They’re stretchy, comfortable, and breathable.  That’s a huge win in my book.  I’d wear these with leggings and a tunic.  This one would also be great to throw on after a workout sesh.

Asos – Textured Throw on Coat:

This is the prettiest one I’ve chosen.  Pink!  Okay, it looks more like a mauve to me too, but they describe it as pink, so I’m going with that.  I like how it comes up high on the neck, a definite plus in keeping out the cold without needing a scarf.  It will look fabulous with jeans and loafers as well as with a cute dress.  It’s incredibly versatile even in the color.  It’s essentially a neutral when paired with any outfit.


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