Top Picks for Fall Clothes from The Loft

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Fall clothes are in stores now, too bad mother nature hasn’t gotten the memo!  At any rate, since we’ll be headed to the cooler temps, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at clothes from The Loft.  Over the summer I felt like they had totally missed the boat and had no cute stuff.  However, my sister and I went the weekend before last and found a number of cute items.



I never take you guys into the fitting room with me, but this time I am.  I added the items I ended up buying to the group below.  I’ll be honest, sometimes I don’t like the way parts of me look 100%, but as I said in one of my last posts, that’s not gonna stop me from wearing something I love.

In the pic with the polka dot top – I ended up getting the top not the skirt.  I don’t love the way my stomach looks in the skirt, but the reason I ended up not buying it, is that it didn’t ‘send’ me anywhere.  My family has this idea that if you truly love an item of clothing, it will give you a feeling; it will make you happy, make you want to show it off, make you feel like the most gorgeous lady in the room.  That’s what we mean by it will ‘send’ you.  And this skirt didn’t do anything for me.

These choices below are ones that would make me feel like the prettiest gal in the room.  That’s why they’re here!  And I hope if you go and try them on, they’ll make you feel the same.


1. Leggings in Brushed Sateen | 2. Wrap Sweater | 3. Dotted Ruffle Henley Shell |
4. Ankle Strap Flats | 5. Button Pocket Flounce Dress | 6. Dachshund Striped Crew Socks | 7. Striped Cutout Back Flare Dress | 8. Textured Knit Kimono | 9. Ribbed Wide Leg Crop Pants

I’ve never been a huge fan of jean leggings mainly because they always feel more legging than jean for me.  I’ve been converted by these from The Loft.  They’re comfy, but seem more like a sturdier jean.  I got them in a hunter green color, appropriate for fall, I thought.  It’s such a dark hue that it looks almost black until you get up close.


I tried it on with this top which I ended up buying as well.  I don’t think I’d wear them together because it’s a bit too much going on with the top and the color of the leggings  I went with a large in the top so the bust area wouldn’t be as tight.

The wrap sweater (2) is a great rust color.  In fact, I tried it on with the leggings and it looked great.  The only problem for me was that it’s part wool and I’m allergic to wool.  It made me itchy.  If you don’t have that problem, get thee to a Loft ASAP and grab it.  It’s one I predict you’ll live in all winter.

If you don’t love polka dots, I can’t hang with you.  This shirt, number 3, is a perfect transition piece.  You can layer a sweater on top, or even a turtleneck underneath when it’s freezing outside.  I like how the sleeves have a slight flutter to them, making them feminine but not too girly.  It’s the one I’m wearing in the first picture with the skirt.

I forget that The Loft has shoes.  I know I just did a post last week on flats, but this would be a great addition to those.  The blush color *might* not be considered fall appropriate, but I think they’re darling.  They would look cute poking out from under jeans.  And since we’re talking about shoes, how about these socks (6)?  They have dachshund’s on them.  How perfect would they be peeking out of sneakers?  I love anything dog related, so they definitely had to be on this list.

This dress, (5), made me break out into a huge grin as soon as I had it on.  I love the pockets and the detailing on them.  It gives it a sailor vibe without being too nautical.  And, I love a dress with pockets!


I think you can tell how much I like this dress from the big grin on my face.  Yeah, I know I have a bit of a tummy there, but you know what?  I still think I look adorbs and love the way I feel in this dress.

I didn’t try on the other dress, number 7, but I love a good stripe.  The back of the dress has a cutout high up.  It’s not one of those cutouts where you can’t wear a bra.  This one gives a hint of a peek-a-boo without being gratuitous about it.  I didn’t see it in the store when i was shopping because if I had, I would have gotten it as well!

Number 8 is a kimono sweater.  I used to have one of these and loved it.  This is a nice color and will go with everything.  A kimono sweater, when shorter like this one, is a great piece to throw on whenever you’re a little chilly and don’t want a full on cardigan.  The sleeves allow for more movement than a cardi.  That’s my favorite part of a kimono sweater – if I wear a long sleeved shirt and want to throw this over it, my sleeves won’t get all bunched up in the sweater.  I hate that feeling.

This sweater would look nice with the wide leg pants (9).  A few summers ago I bought a pair of linen wide leg pants from The Loft.  They ended up being one of my goto summer staples even this summer.  While I like the wide leg in the summer, I’m not sure if it would be too cold in the winter.  That’s why I think it would be a great fall piece.  If you’d like to try to transition it to winter, I would add some tights underneath so you don’t get too cold.

As you can see, there are a lot of cool picks right now at The Loft.  Would you wear any of these?  Have you bought any of them?   Let me know your fave pieces below!





  • I am so glad that Loft now has great clothes for Fall. I agree the spring summer clothes were not that nice.
    I will definitely go look at Loft this weekend.

    • Awesome! I know what you mean, the spring/summer line at The Loft was definitely lacking. Let me know what you end up getting! 🙂

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 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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