Trying on Dresses

Trying on at Loft and Athleta: What I Got

Trying on clothes became so much more fun when I decided to just try on everything and anything. What I mean is when my sister, mom, or aunt grab a piece of clothing I think will look horrible on me I no longer push them away. I grab the item and head to the dressing room. Sure, I’ve tried on some doozies, but I’ve also found some amazing pieces I would have never bought. And the doozies give me and whomever I’m with some great laughs. Let me take you along on my most recent trip to Loft and Atheta.

Trying on Dresses

Here’s everything I tried on at Loft and Athleta. These things might look way better on you than they do on me. Like I said above, if you don’t try you’ll never know!

1. Floral Eyelet Dolman Cap Sleeve Shirt | 2. Polka Dot Wrap Skirt |
3. Gingham Wrap Top | 4. Dotted Ribbed Square Neck Tank | 5. Knit Wrap Dress | 6. Leopard Print Smocked Pull On Maxi Skirt | 7. Vintage Soft V-Neck Tee | 8. Striped Tie Waist Flare Dress

From here, I got numbers 4, 6, 7 and 8. In the Striped Tie Waist Flare Dress (number 8) I was able to go down to a size 6! Don’t be afraid to try on different sizes. You might not fit in to the outfit, but let me tell you, the pictures and experience will be hilarious.

As you saw from above, I only tried on a few things at Athleta. I did wind up getting all three things I tried on. I tried on some doozies, but didn’t get video of them because we were in a rush.

1. Santorini High Neck Mix Stripe | 2. Trekkie North Jogger |3. Inverness Tie Front Top

Best parts of the trio above? Number 1 is still on sale and number 3 runs big!

So what do you guys think? Do you like seeing me trying on clothes and giving you my honest opinion while there? As you can tell I’m still working on my presentation, but we all start somewhere, right? Let me know your feelings on the video and the clothes down below.


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