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Under Coronavirus Quarantine – Here are Comfy Clothes

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Coronavirus has hit everywhere on earth and I’m heeding the advice of my doctor who wants me to stay home for a while in a self-quarantine. My entire company is working from home now in order to help the country stay healthy… but we’re still having meetings and whatnot. When you’re at home, who wants to wear jeans? But you also want to feel like you’re not sick, so what are you to do? Day pajamas. Yep, hear me out. You take off your regular pj’s then put on what I like to refer to as “day pajamas.” Some people would refer to these as lounge wear. I think my term is way more fun. Just say it, I get out of bed, take off my pajamas and then put on my day pajamas. You like it, too. Now, in the time before they shut down the factories that send us these goodies, you should grab these.

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Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

I only wish my desk looked like that. I’m not the most tidy of gals. Tee hee. Anyhoo, here are my comfy and cozy picks to ride out working from home during the coronavirus.

Coronavirus cozy comfy

1. Lou & Grey – Signaturesoft Plush Upstate Sweatpants  | 2. Lou & Grey – Signaturesoft Plush Upstate Sweatshirt | 3. Ella and Emm  – Maison de L’amour | 4. Nordstrom – Tommy John – Jogger Pants | 5. Nordstrom – PJ Salvage – Rock ’n’ Roll Graphic T | 6. Target – Women’s Camp Print High-Rise Vintage Jogger | 7. Amazon – Leggings Depot – Women’s Printed Solid Activewear | 8. Nordstrom – BP – All Weekend Crop Pants | 9. Nordstrom – Tommy John – Lounge Crewneck Sweatshirt | 10. Athleta – Venice Jogger

coronavirus sweatpants option

Number 1

These pants from Lou and Grey look so comfy. The sweatshirt (number 2) is a perfect match and it’s probably best to get both of them.

Number 2

I would wear a t-shirt underneath just so you don’t have to get the sweatshirt dirty and can wear it more than once. 😉 Just some helpful hints. Why do more laundry when you’re not getting things all sweaty? I gotta thank the coronavirus for less laundry!

Coronavirus sweatshirt option

Number 3

In these weird times a lot of people are saying we should shop small… well, this super cool sweatshirt is from a small company called Ell and Emm. I first heard about it through the gals who run “Somewhere, Lately.” They have a ton of fun loungewear and graphic t’s!

Number 4

Pink is always a fun color to wear – I mean just look at Elle Woods – she was a ton of fun! I heard about this brand, Tommy John, from another blogger I follow, Lindsay Silberman. She said they’re super soft and I’m a freak for anything super soft! Yeah, I get influenced too, but hey, it’s like having a good friend who tries these things out before you so you don’t have to waste your money. I hope I do that for you guys, too!

coronavirus grafic t option

Number 5

You guys know I love great graphic t’s and this one is a good one. I love the stars, the “n” of Rock “N” Roll being a lightening strike, and the font. It would be cool paired with the pink joggers above (number 4).

Number 6

I’ve never been a huge fan of camo, but these look comfy so they could make me change my mind. I also like that they’re from Target. So these aren’t gonna be as expensive as others on this list.

Number 7

I could live in these. They have pockets! They’re cinched on the bottom so hopefully they won’t be too long. They remind me of my favorite joggers I have from Athleta but at a huge discounted price! What’s not to love? And they’re from Amazon, so you can still get them delivered (for now). Also, these are in navy – I think it’s good to have them in a different color than the usual black as well.

Number 8

I love a good crop. Usually I love them for working out and as regular pj’s, but they can totally work for the everyday pj’s.

Number 9

Another Tommy John find. This one (and number 4) are both on sale right now. I love the crew neck and the color. It would look really nice on a zoom call. Just sayin’.

Number 10

My favorite Athleta pants! They have pockets, they’re comfy, lightweight, and perfect for doing work at home.

Now hurry up and grab these while you still can. I have a feeling we’re going to need these type of clothes for a while. I do wonder how long this coronavirus is going to linger here in the United States. It seems like it was about 3 months for China. Hopefully it won’t be that for us, but if it happens, thank goodness we have the internet, right? Could you imagine if this hit before the 2000’s?


  • I’m loving your Athletic leisure recommendations Tori. I like the plain black (No.7) pants. They also go with a multitude of other clothes and more than anything are super duper comfy! Stay comfy and safe! B x

    • Oh yeah, give me all the comfy clothes right now. Those are actually navy and I bought them. They are super comfy and they feel like butter! 🙂

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 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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