Valentine’s Day Dresses for the Single Ladies

Love is in the air.  The countdown is on.  T minus 14 days until Valentine’s Day.  What better time to look for a new dress?  I’ve curated some fun dress ideas for the single gal — that’s me! — with the help of ShopStyle Collective.  To be completely upfront, we get some money if you click on the links or something like that.  Honestly, I don’t know how it works since this is my first time playing with it, but hey, never stop learning, right?

These dresses are ones that I think would be fun for clubbing, hitting up a bar with your other girlfriends to celebrate your single status, or even that party with all the annoying couples.  You will look hot in any of these dresses, grab the guy’s attention and maybe even put the wheels in motion for having a honey next Valentine’s day.  If that’s what you want.

The dresses themselves range in price from the very cheap to the dream dress of mine (Victoria Beckham anyone?).  These are ones I think any woman can pull off.  I would wear any of these and maybe just will!

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