Victorian Vibes: High End & Affordable

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Victorian vibes seems apropos for this time of year and these two dresses I’ve picked definitely fit this description. I have to admit, I saw the high end dress on Jenny Cipoletti and fell in love. However, the $2,292 price tag made me throw up a little in my mouth if I’m being honest. I thought, there has to be a dress that’s similar in style and vibe at a lower price. Guess what, I found one! I also decided to pair it with a purse and boots, some combat boots because I like the idea of giving a punk edge to this otherwise ladylike outfit.

Dr. Martens were a huge part of the punk wardrobe back in the ’80s. After Pete Townsend (The Who) wore them onstage in the ’60s, the punks stared taking notice. According to this New York Times article, the punks respected Townsend and started emulating him by wearing the boots. In 2015, Sarah Burton (Alexander McQueen) designed her own version of combat boots. Ever since then, the combat boot has made its way into mainstream fashion. I’m a huge fan of pairing this uber punk/ugly boot with the prettiest dress on top. I’ve chosen the white Dr. Marten boot for the ‘affordable’ pick – check it out below…

Victorian Influenced Dresses

1. Zimmermann – Espionage Pussy Bow Guipure Lace Mini Dress | 2. Chloé – Aby Small Croc-effect Leather Tote | 3. Alexander McQueen – Glossed-leather Exaggerated-sole Ankle Boots | 4. Nordstrom – Dr. Martens – ‘Jadon‘ Boot | 5. The Fae Top Handle Bag – Light Brown Croc | 6. Chic Wish – Floral and Ruffle Bowknot Tulle Dress in Cream

The Dresses

Victorian Dress

Number 1

This is the prettiest dress I have seen in a long time. It’s like the designers were influenced by the Victorian era on this one. I like the cream color, the lace and sheer on the sleeves, and the black pussy bow is an unexpected touch. Zimmerman has been one of my favorite aspirational designers. Everything they put out is dreamy and pretty.

Victorian Inspired

Number 6

This has the same Victorian era feeling, even though the skirt length is longer. That’s an easy fix for a seamstress. The sleeves are similar by the cuffs, and there is a bow at the neck. This one feels a little more ladylike with the ruffles along the bodice.

The Bags

Number 2

This bag fits the ladylike theme perfectly. The short handle, the faux croc, and the cute lock on the front all bring to mind the bags of the 1960s. One of my favorite era’s for cute bags. The color is also different; it’s a sort of brownish red. It would look fabulous with either dress, or even with jeans. This shade can go with just about everything this fall.

Number 5

This is a very close match. Of course, it’s missing the nice front strap detail along with the lock, but the shape is almost perfect. This is another color that would look nice with anything. I like how it’s a little more minimalist compared to the Chloé.

The Boots

Number 3

The high end version of the Dr. Marten. I like how it’s a little different with the even chunkier sole. The laces seem a little more streamlined than the Docs.

Number 4

Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t this boot look cooler? It could be because I’m used to this iconic look. Whatever the reason is, I’d go for the ‘cheaper’ version of the combat boot and save all that money. I think one of the reasons to buy the one above is for the name. I mean, Doc’s hold up.

When I say Dr. Marten’s hold up, I speak from personal experience. I got these in 1996 and they are still going strong.

What do you like better? Are you into the Victorian influenced dresses? Are you a high end fan or are a more affordable gal? It’s fine to pick something from either category. If I had a spare 2.5K hanging around, I’d get that Zimmerman dress in a second! But, I’d go with the affordable section for the rest of the choices. Let me know what you think!


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 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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