What I’m Coveting – Zara Edition

When stores start rolling out their back to school ads, I can’t help but get excited.  Sure, I’m not headed back to school, and I don’t have kids going either, but I still get that glimmer of expectancy.  You never know what might happen in the year.  In fact, I like the new school year better than January 1st!

That’s why my sister and I have decided we’re going to do some back to school shopping this fall and share it with you all.  We thought it would be good to make a few lists of what we like and what we think we should try on from different stores.  Here’s my list of what I’m coveting from Zara!

Zara Covets

I’ve taken stock of my trouser situation.  My closet seems to be full of jeans.  Nothing wrong with that, of course, but I think I should kick it up a notch, so I’m thinking about these Zara pants.

I like these, but I’ll need to try them on.

This entire outfit is amazing.  I want it all.  

These jogging trousers look pretty cool, but again, need to try it on.  Not sure how low the crotch will hang.

Skirt!  Metallic and midi – might need to be hemmed to hit the right place since I’m a shortie.

Shirt might be cool.

I have wanted a tulle skirt for a while — will this be the year?  

This blouse has a sexy, chic, and oddly professional look all rolled into one.  I gotta give it a try.  

These strappy dresses are very in right now.  But it might not sit right since I have a chest… but I’ll see!

I oddly really like these pants!

These flats are supposedly really in – they’re similar to the Miu Miu ones.  At first I thought both were ugly, but since I keep seeing them on the old Insta, I’m starting to fall in love with them.  

There you have it.  My picks from Zara for this year.  What do you guys think?  Anything stand out to you?

NOTE – This is in no way endorsed by Zara.  We get nothing if you go there from our links.

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