Why Are Trousers Boring And How To Change That

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Trousers, pants, whatever you want to call them… I tend to think they’re rather boring. I have 6 pairs of black slacks in my closet. They’re all slightly different, but also very similar. I don’t know why I feel they’re so boring, but since I’m trying to redefine my style for this year, I am going to try and change my mind. Are you in?

As you can see from above, these are a pair of my many black pants. These are Spanx “The Perfect Black Pants.” They are like leggings, but also pants, however, they run S M A L L! So be sure to size up and keep in mind that they will squeeze the heck out of you, but you’ll get used to them in a few minutes.

10 Pairs of Trousers

1 LOFT – Twill Skinny Ankle Pants | 2. Ann Taylor – The Sailor Skinny Pant in Bi-Stretch | 3. Nordstrom – Topshop – Satin Button Hem Peg Trousers |
4. Athleta – Studio Jogger | 5. Asos Design – Woven Peg Pants with Obi Tie-Navy | 6. Nordstrom – Caslon® – Linen Jogger Pants | 7. Nordstrom – SPANX® – Faux Leather Moto Leggings | 8. Express – High Waisted O-ring Paperbag Ankle Pant | 9. LOFT – Wide Leg Tuxedo Pants | 10. Anthropologie – Pilcro -High-Rise Skinny Corduroy Pants


There is a distinction between trousers being skinny or being a legging, but for this discussion, we’ll group them together. The main thing they have in common is that they are very tight on the leg. Leggings, of course, are defined as “tight-fitting stretch pants,” while skinny pants are “snug fit through the legs and end in a small leg opening.”

Skinny trousers

Number 1

Another way to jazz up a pair of pants is to change up the color. There’s no need to go with a plain black when there are colors like these. Now I hear you saying, “but Tori, what shirt do I wear?” The great thing about this plum color is you can wear a blouse in black, white, black plaid, a band t-shirt, and throw a saucy blazer over the whole thing.

Number 2

Even though the description calls it a “pant,” I think it fits a little more like a legging. I have a pair of these from a season or two ago and they have a leggings feel. That being said, the thing that makes these stand out in the non-boring category are the buttons which give it the “sailor” look. With this type of detailing you’ll want to tuck in your shirt, wear a bodysuit, or wear a slight cropped top to show off the buttons.

Number 7

Spanx leggings are like the holy grail for Influencers and I’ve found out why. The comfort and the look. You still look so chic while you’re in leggings – and these moto-inspired ones are a cool way to stand out from the normal, everyday black ones. With leggings like this, I prefer to wear an oversized sweater or shirt (tunic).

Number 10

This is a double whammy – skinny and corduroy. In the winter these are the best to wear if you’re someone who is always chilly. And if you don’t mind the noise they make when you walk. The noise drives me nuts, but I know a ton of people who swear by them. This looks like a black pant, but it’s actually navy. These can be dressed up or down depending on your mood.


This is a relatively new entry into the everyday trousers label. I’ve seen these dressed up for work with heels and they look pretty darn awesome. If you work at a more forgiving, artistic, hip, techy company you can definitely try this trend. If you work at a more business-y business, I’m gonna have to encourage you not to try it. They can be more weekend wear for ya.

Number 4

I have a pair of these that I wear pretty much every weekend in the winter because they are so darn comfy! I love that they have pockets. I usually wear mine with t-shirts and a sweatshirt over. If I was to wear it to work, I’d put a pair of heels on, and a blouse that I can tuck in.

Number 6

These might be best for spring/summer since they’re linen, but they’re still joggers. I would probably live in these in those months. Linen is supposed to keep you cool. With these, since they seem a little higher end than number 4 above, I would wear a short sleeved top and a blazer in the winter.

Paperbag Trousers

According to ModCloth, the paperbag pant is defined as: a garment features extra fabric at the waist – making it perfect for belting! Typically worn high at the waist, it creates a feminine silhouette that adds shape to an outfit, making it chic, but not overdone.

Number 5

Although these aren’t called paperbag pants, Asos calls them woven peg pants. But look how high that waist goes and how it’s got the extra fabric up there – so I’m calling it paperbag. The tie waist is another indicator of this type of waist. It’s great to draw attention to the waist – the only drawback is that you have to tuck in your shirt. If you decide not to tuck, you’ll look like you have a weird growth sticking out of your stomach. Believe me – personal experience talking. This would be a nice time to try out a bodysuit, or just a tight fitting top. A billowy top would ruin the effect.

Number 8

These would be great to wear to work no matter what type of office you have. The belt detailing is a nice touch. This could also transition to evening very well by adding a fun blouse and taking off a cardigan or blazer.

Wide Leg & Satin

These are together because they’re the ones that don’t fit into the other categories, but I still like them. I’m a big fan lately of the wide leg trend, especially in the summer since it gives my legs room to breathe. The satin ones just look pretty cool. I’ve not had satin pants in ages and could maybe be talked into trying them.

Number 3

These just look cool. I think they’re a little more suited to going out for a night on the town rather than an every day office type of look. But, if you pair the trousers with a band t-shirt and sneakers it might tone down the dressed up effect.

Number 9

How professional do these look? It’s nice that these aren’t the extreme wide leg that we see a lot of lately. These are a conservative wide leg. Again, on top, just like the paperbag trouser, you’ll want to make sure to wear something that can be tucked into the pant. I also wouldn’t wear a long tunic type of top either – with wide legs that will just make one look rather dumpy. Again, I’ve made the mistake so you don’t have to!

As you can see trousers don’t have to be so boring if you choose your color wisely, your cut, and use the top options to jazz up the entire ensemble. I haven’t even gone into using your accessories to liven up a dull outfit either, but that’s a post for another day. Let me know what you think about this post below, I’m always happy to get your opinions!


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 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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