Luxe List - Leopard Print Coat

The Luxe List – Shoes

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The Luxe Life - Leopard Print Coat

One of my work colleagues was so inspired by this essay in the New York Times about the author’s year of no shopping, that she decided to do it herself in 2018.  I asked her what the rules are, and she said no shopping for clothes or shoes.  (Accessories and makeup are fair game; she said with a wink, “I gotta have a little something, no?”)  In the last week of December my friend outfitted herself with pieces missing from her wardrobe that she thought she would need for the entirety of 2018.

As for me, I was inspired by the article, but am not quite as as committed.  I don’t think I could go a whole year and frankly, I find shopping much too much fun to deprive myself of entirely.  Plus I have a fashion blog, right?  So instead I am trying to shop more thoughtfully and mindfully.  My goal for 2018 is only to add items to my wardrobe (1) once a quarter, and (2) after they have been on my list for a while and I have thoughtfully considered them.

My normal default is impulse shopping, i.e., I go to the shops and buy whatever strikes my fancy.  I hear all the articles yelling in my head, if you find something that works “BUY IT” because you never know if you will find it again.  That’s been my normal M.O.  But with a new year’s resolution to shop more mindfully, I’m keeping a list, which I’m dubbing “The Luxe List,” even though the items on it may not necessary be quintessentially “Luxe.”  They will be Luxe to me.  My goal is to buy pieces that may be better quality (although not necessarily) but more importantly, pieces that I’ve been thinking about and really decided I want to add to my wardrobe.

That, my friends, is my Luxe List and what this series will be about.  I wish I could tell you that I have some fancy system for keeping track of my Luxe List, or that I use some special app, but I just use the iPhone notes app. It’s quick and easy, which is what I need, otherwise I won’t track.

Below I’m sharing my Luxe List for shoes.  My Luxe List for clothing, accessories and makeup will be coming in the next few weeks, and as I update the Luxe List, I will update you too!  Then you will see what I actually end up purchasing from these lists and whether they were worthwhile purchases!

1.   The first is . . .

The Luxe Life - Kirkwood flats

These Nicholas Kirkwood Beya flats, in Powder (light pink).  I saw one of my favorite YouTubers rave about these and want to try them.  But before I splurge on the real thing, I wanted a trial run to see if I would really get the wear out of them I need to justify the purchase.  So, I purchased this similar pair by Steve Madden for a lot less (and they were purchased back in November/December well before my Luxe List plan!).  A picture of me wearing them is below, and a video of them in action is there as well.  As you can see, they are a pink metallic, so not as chic as the powder pink NKs.  They also don’t have the gold, shapely heel that the NK flats do, but the stitching and shape of the top of the shoe is spot on.

The Luxe Life - Steve Madden

So far it has been slow going with the Steve Madden pair because (1) we have had cold weather and snow, which makes these not my first choice; and (2) while the sole is super comfortable and feels like a gym shoe, the back of them gave me a terrible blister.  They need a little more breaking in.  I think I will bring them to the office to wear because then I don’t have to worry about issue (1).  The other thing I noticed is that the top part is starting to crease and I haven’t worn them that many times.  I wonder if this would happen with the NK Beya?  Does anyone know?

2.  Another shoe on my wish list is much more affordable and I would buy them right now if I wasn’t keeping a Luxe List.  They are the Vince Camuto Ankia Pumps in Mod Mauve, available at Nordstrom, under $120!

The Luxe Life - Camuto Heels

I love the dusky pink color of these, and I think they would work well in spring and in the fall.  I also love the pointed exposure of the foot.  I think this look is classic and modern at the same time.  I think these were in the Nordstrom sale last year and am bummed I didn’t pick them up then, but there’s always 2018!

3.    Another pair of shoes on the Luxe list is the Sezane Jack sneakers.  The Luxe Life - Sezane Sneakers

Here they are pictured in the Ecru color, which I think I like the best.  They have a ton of colors, most of which are winter versions right now (satin, velvet, sequin, etc.).  I’m excited to see if they bring these out in spring colors!  I haven’t bought anything from Sezane before but several of their items are on my wish list.  The first digitally conceived fashion brand from Paris?  Sign me up!  If you haven’t read about Sezane, here and here are two interesting articles from the NYT.  They are not a “fast fashion” company like H&M, Zara, etc.  Suzanne puts out 4 collections per year.  They will do “limited collections” each month, but that’s it.  They are not constantly updating their pieces like the fast fashion companies do.  This approach speaks to the minimalist in me.  A small part of me even likes the fact that there are fewer items to choose from.  It makes each piece seem more special.

That’s the wrap-up for now.  Let me know which of these three you like the best and which you think I should add to my collection.  I’d love to know what shoes are on your Luxe List.

 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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